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Ultrafiltration Plant is used in both pretreatment and post treatment of water. At Bionics Advanced Filtration Systems, we manufacture and install custom made ultrafiltration Water systems (UF Systems) up to 100m3/hr, units can be semi or fully programmable and PLC controlled. These are extensively used in industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. These units are next generation equipment, designed to minimize investment cost and maximize performance meeting stringent environmental protection requirements. Using DOW™ hollow-fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes, we can engineer ultrafiltration package system, ultrafiltration pilot plant and turnkey Ultrafiltration plant for Low (< 5 NTU), Medium (< 20 NTU) and High (< 50 NTU) turbidities. Our standard series of Ultrafiltration systems are modular units fixed on a skid frame (Powder coated MS or SS) fitted with inlet and outlet and product water connections. There are various optional components are available on request that can added as per clients' requirements. Ultrafiltration System Applications Packaged drinking water Surface water filtration RO feed water Waste water recycle Latex paint wastewater treatment Oil removal / Oil refining process Petrochemical waste water treatment Dialysis machine Municipal water Effluent recycle